Tokenizing humanity's most valuable asset: the mind

Can we create a more hopeful future for humankind by unlocking dormant ingenuity around the world? We believe that we can. And it starts with a game.

"It's like Web3 Strava for the brain"
Sam Smith
"I can perfect my mental skills"
Julia Says
"I just want to battle my friends!"
Waxy Jones
"I will use it everyday"
Lisa Willis
"I can't wait for the NFT drops"
Jonny Roadly
"I love all the rewards that are coming"
Eric Honnold
"An exceptional project,  I loved it"
"I can earn from using my brain??"
Harry Smith
"I love all the integrations"
Eric Honnold
"The tournaments look amazing"
Eric Honnold

How do people judge how smart you are?

A jumble of letters from exams you took years ago? The accent you speak with?

The system is broken.

Your true intelligence is hidden to yourself and the world around you.

It's unfair

The dominant way society measures how smart you are in early life - the academic qualification - is on its own inaccurate, unfair and outmoded.

When it comes to discovering and proving our intelligence, what we have an analogue model in a digital world.

It's a waste

This results in a colossal waste of our most valuable resource: human ingenuity.

From a macro economic perspective 1.3bn arein work that they are under or overqualified for creating an ever growing skills mismatch. 18 trillion in opportunity cost by 2025. Thats the GDP of the entire EU.

As the planet faces up to the existential challenges of the next 100 years, we simply can't afford to let bright minds go to waste.

Learning, work and play are becoming irreversibly intertwined.

And yet there is no identity platform to navigate this new world. Until now.


We've got an ambitious roadmap packed with new features, partnerships and value creation for our community.


Q1-Q3 2022

Building the foundations

We've been working hard through 2022 - building the team, designing the game experiences and our technical architecture.

Early prototypes complete

Pre-seed round completed with NetZero Capital

NEAR Foundation award team large development grant

Early stage development and testing

Design & simulations of token economy for validation


Q4 2022

Community & systems

In late 2022 we're activating our community strategy, and starting to deploy early releases of core systems for internal benchmarking and testing.

Whitepaper release

Discord and community strategy activates

Technical design finalised

Core game engine deployed

Key partnership announcements

Cognitive testing and measurement system


Q1 2023

NFT drops and alpha launch

In early 2023 we'll be dropping our initial NFT collections and giving the community exclusive access to play test the alpha and beta versions of the first Sona apps.

First two NFT collections drop

Launch web dashboard and NFT marketplace

Alpha and beta community releases

NFT staking and web puzzles

Announcements of prize partners


Q2-Q4 2023

Launch and market fit

After our full launch in Q2 2023 we intend to spend several months fine tuning the Sona systems and apps, to ensure that we have the best possible, and most useful set of features possible before we scale.

Apps go live on Apple and Google stores

Gaming Guild partnerships announced

Rapid game and systems iteration

Smart contract audit

TGE and exchange listings

Sona Foundation DAO launch with remit to lift up disadvantaged and cognitive science R&D


2024 and beyond

Ecosystem & scale

We've got so much planned for the future, and we'll be updating this roadmap frequently.

Steady roll out of new game formats

Puzzles to test wider cognitive and non-cognitive functions

Metaverse and Augmented Reality game experiences

Much more Sona Passport uses cases and utility

Launch of initial API access to third party developers