Embark on an epic journey through your own mind.

Solve puzzles, battle opponents, win prizes and earn crypto.

Investors and partners
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Find out just what type of intelligence you have

Win prizes

Win NFT prizes from leading collections, and real-world things too


Compare yourself against friends and peers

Earn tokens

Earn in-game tokens, and our native token, $NURO


Build your profile, and get kudos with NFT badges and achievements

Unlock value

Use the data you create to unlock value and experiences

Meet Sona

A magical NFT, powered by your mind

Your Sona is the beating heart of a Web3 cognitive identity platform driven by play. It's a non-transferable soulbound token. Nurture it by playing Sona games, and watch it grow and get shaped by the profile data you create.

Every brain is different, and so are all Sona NFTs

It's a core component of Sona decentralized identity

As your Sona develops, so does its utility and power

Keep coming back to energise it, hit streaks and unlock games

A fingerprint of your intelligence

Build a 'Cognitive Passport'

As you interact, Sona Protocol maps the way your brain is wired and over time builds an increasingly rich, live and accurate proof of your intelligence. In effect becoming a 'cognitive passport' with the potential to unlock a raft of new opportunities across digital space.

Sona uses a decentralized identity approach (DIDs)

The Sona NFT is an identity verification mechanism

We're building many partnerships that integrate with Sona

We're just at the start of the possibilities this creates

Data privacy

The data is only ever yours to use

It's your brain, so it's your data. Our groundbreaking approach to data privacy and encryption means that your data remains on your device, locked and secure until you decide what you want to use it for.

Your core data remains on your device, even we can't access it

It's encrypted using the private key of your wallet

Access rich visualisations of your performance and history

It becomes an asset you can earn from over time

Explore Sona Zones

Zones are the building blocks of the Sona journey. Engaging spaces where you can play solo, head to head, compete in tournaments and even win a job.


Learn the basics

The Training Zone teaches you all you need to know to take part

Complete it to open new doors

Once you finish training, you'll have access to many more games

Unlock your first badge

You'll even get an initial NFT to display on your profile

Head to Head

Adrenaline-fueled battle

Prove your smarts in 1-on-1 games against opponents

Build your bags

Win points and tokens from your rivals as you beat them

Climb the leaderboard

Can you get to the top and prove you're the smartest in the Zone?


Pay to enter or unlock

Pay an entry fee or unlock access based on your experience and level

HIgh value prizes

Tournaments provide high value prizes and token rewards

Race against the clock to the top

Tournaments are time-limited with only a short window to make a mark


Show them who's boss

Battle friends head-to-head to prove who's the smartest

Win from each other

Add insult to injury by sapping your friend's energy and winning tokens

Create friend groups

Make a group for your class, swim team or colleagues to compete


Multiple partners lined up

We're finalising agreements with dozens of partners for Zones

Exclusive prizes & rewards

Win branded items, NFTs and real world rewards from top-tier brands

Win a job your CV can't

Battle to win a job of your dreams with our recruitment partners

There's so much more to come

Our roadmap is alive with incredible new experiences and features that will expand the Sona ecosystem across devices, game types and the metaverse. Here's just a few of the things we've got in the pipeline.


We've got a range of exclusive collectible digital assets being readied for release with partners.

Partnerships that supercharge Sona

We'll soon be announcing dozens of exciting partnerships that bring a wide array of utility - such as job applications, training, discounts, DeFi protocol integrations and more.

Social recovery

In late 2023 we'll be rolling out social recovery for Sona. Meaning you can ask those you trust to act as guardians and restore your Sona identity, even if you lose access to your wallet and devices.

Metaverse experiences

Sona isn't going to stop at the mobile and web experiences. We're already planning and testing metaverse, VR and AR.

Membership levels

Upgrade your Sona and your life with access to even more benefits.

Sona Card

Want to spend your earnings from your Sona adventures? Not a problem. We're partnering with a leading FinTech company to make spending your $NURO friction-free and simple, wherever you are.

Products and merch

The Sona brand will extend into the metaverse and the real world, with a range of products including clothing, nootropics, dynamic wearables and other merchandise - letting you show off your smarts and optimise your mind.