your cognitive passport for Web3

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How do people judge how smart you are?

A jumble of letters from exams you took years ago? The accent you speak with? 

The system is broken. It's inaccurate, unfair, and outmoded.

Your true intelligence is hidden to yourself and the world around you.

Sona Protocol

Reveal your
intelligence through play

Sona is gamified IQ discovery.

Compete head to head to outsmart other bright minds.

Think of it like Strava for your brain... powered by blockchain technology.
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Achievement badges earn you kudos from your peers. Outperform rivals to win NFT art and sponsor prizes.  Sona's play and earn token economy makes it possible to accrue $NURO. [Capital at risk]
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What type of smart are you? Attain a deeper, data-led understanding around your type of intelligence. Sona will reveal your IQ tribe so you can connect with others like you.
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How smart are you? See how your five cognitive functions stack up against others. Your intelligence is not fixed so track how it changes over time.
Sona ID imageSona ID imageSona ID image
Your Sona will ultimately become your cognitive passport
In the future you'll use it to open doors of opportunity right across web3
It's a living, breathing representation of your intelligence.
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You own your data and control access to it.
Change your horizon.
The Sona NFT design, utility and minting programme will be revealed to community members later this year.


Can we create a more hopeful future for humankind by unlocking dormant ingenuity around the world?

If as a species we’re to meet the challenges of the next 100 years, then we can’t afford to let bright minds go to waste at such a damaging rate. How many Einsteins never get discovered?

Sona’s community will play a key role in helping bright minds across the world realise their potential and come together for the common good.

Our roadmap

This is just the beginning.

Q4 2021

▶ Team assemble to explore a stronger reputation system for intelligence powered by play

▶ Initial game designs for an adrenaline fuelled mobile IQ game

▶ Prototype completed

▶ Sona backed by investment from Innovate UK

Q1 2022

▶ Brand created & Website launched

▶ Sona awarded development grant from Near Foundation

▶ Early stage development begins on Sona game

Q2 2022

▶ UX designs completed

▶ Security infrastructure set up

▶ Design and simulation testing of game and protocol economy

▶ Pre-seed investment from NetZero Capital

Q3 2022

▶ Whitepaper released

▶ Discord opens & community strategy activates

▶ Seed investment round

▶ Technical design finalised

▶ Development of cognitive measurement & reporting

▶ Game engine & application layer of platform deployed

▶ V0.1 testing

▶ First teaser release

▶ NFT project partners revealed

Q4 2022

▶ V0.2 testing

▶ Beta release to community

▶ $NURO & NFT smart contract development

▶ NFT marketing begins

▶ Charity partnerships announced to identify bright minds from disadvantaged backgrounds

Q1 2023

▶ Pre-IDO investment round

▶ Sponsors of Sona prize tournaments announced

▶ NFT utility partners announced

▶ Gaming Guild partnerships announced

▶ Foundation set up and DAO structure revealed

▶ Sona Pass minting

Q2 2023

▶ Smart Contract audit

▶ TGE- DEx / CEx listing

▶ V 1.0 Sona release on iOS, Android & Web